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Lesson 202: Negative requests with the plain form + でください

In an earlier lesson, you've learned the following sentence.

You must not smoke here. ここでタバコをってはいけません。
koko de tabako wo sutte ha ikemasen.

You can ask people to refrain from doing something in a friendlier way by using the plain form which ends in ない, and follow it with でください.

Please don't smoke here. ここでタバコをわないでください。
koko de tabako wo suwanaide kudasai.
Please don't forget (it). わすれないでください。
wasurenaide kudasai.

Sentence from Tatoeba
Please don't drink a lot of alcohol. さけをたくさんまないでください。
osake wo takusan nomanaide kudasai.
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