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Lesson 244: Making requests with をください


In a previous lesson, we learned how to make requests using verbs in the て-form + ください. In this lesson, we're going to look at other ways to use ください.

To ask for something concrete, for example when ordering at a restaurant, we can use a Xをください for any noun X. This can be translated as please give me X.

Please give me this / I'll have this.これ を ください。
kore wo kudasai.
Please give me a (hot) coffee.ホット コーヒー を ください。
hotto koohii wo kudasai.

In addition to をください, we can also use をおねがいします. The two phrases are very similar, but をおねがいします is more formal and is therefore used when requesting a favor. Just as をください, it's often used when ordering.

An iced coffee, please.アイス コーヒー を おねがいします。
aisu koohii wo onegaisimasu.
The vegetarian salad, please.ベジタリアン の サラダ を おねがいします。
bezitarian no sarada wo onegaisimasu.
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