92. Like and Dislike

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Lesson 92: Like and Dislike

In this lesson we introduce the words and きら, which mean like and dislike.

Unlike in English, and きら are adjectives, and not verbs. For this reason, in sentences where these words are used, the object that is liked is followed by the subject-particle instead of . Check out the example sentences below to see how and きら are used in context.

English Japanese
I like Japanese animation. わたしほんのアニメがきです。
watasi ha nihon no anime ga suki desu.
She dislikes it. かのじょきらいです。
kanozyo ha kirai desu.
John disliked that restaurant. ジョンさんはあのレストランがきらいでした。
zyon san ha ano resutoran ga kirai desita.
Did you like that new movie? あのあたらしいえいきでしたか?
ano atarasii eiga ga suki desita ka?

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