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Lesson 103: Expressing purpose with the verb stem + に

By combining a verb stem + the particle + the verb or , you can express the reason for going or coming somewhere. Using this pattern it is possible to make sentences like "I am going shopping" or "He came to see his friend." Place the verb stem of the word that expresses the purpose before the particle. See the below table for some example sentences using this pattern.

English Japanese
I am going shopping. わたしものをしにきます。
watasi ha kaimono wo si ni ikimasu.
He went to eat something. かれなにべにきました。
kare ha nanika tabe ni ikimasita.
What did you go to do? なにをしにきましたか?
nani wo si ni ikimasita ka?
Andrew is going to meet Jon. アンドリューさんはジョンさんにいにきます。
andoryuu san ha zyon san ni ai ni ikimasu.
She came to my apartment to eat dinner. かのじょわたしのマンションへよるはんべにました。
kanozyo ha watasi no mansyon he yorugohan wo tabe ni kimasita.
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