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Lesson 101: Expressing Desire: Nouns

In the same way in which to like or dislike is expressed using adjectives in Japanese, to say that you want a thing (a noun) you use the adjective ほしい. Because ほしい is an adjective and not a verb, you use the subject particle after the desired object. Check out the example sentences below to see how ほしい is used in context.

English Japanese
I want a new computer. わたしあたらしいコンピューターがほしいです。
watasi ha atarasii konpyuutaa ga hosii desu.
She doesn't want a cat. She likes dogs. かのじょねこがほしくないです。いぬきです。
kanozyo ha neko ga hosiku nai desu. inu ga suki desu.
Andrew wanted that book. アンドリューはそのほんがほしかったです。
andoryuu ha sono hon ga hosikatta desu.
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