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Lesson 209: Converting -すぎる to a noun with -すぎ


If we have a verb to X, we can say to X too much by attaching ぎる to the end of the verb stem of X. For example, ぎる means to drink too much.

If we want to turn a verb ending in ぎる into a noun, we can simply change it into the stem form by removing the from the end. For example, means drinking too much.

Drinking too much alcohol is not good for (your) body.アルコオル の みすぎ は からだ に よく ない。
arukooru no nomisugi ha karada ni yoku nai.
He strained (his) eyes by reading too much.かれ は どくしょ の しすぎ で  を いためた。
kare ha dokusyo no sisugi de me wo itameta.
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