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Lesson 115: Connecting sentences with そして and nouns with と


In Japanese there is no single word for and, which can be used to connect nouns, verbs, and sentences together like in English. Instead there are a variety of words and conjugations employed for this purpose. In this lesson we introduce そして, for linking sentences, and , for nouns.

Using both of these words is straightforward. For そして, the word is placed at the beginning of the second of two sentences you want to connect, while is inserted between two nouns. Check out the sentences below for some examples.

I went to school and saw friends.がっこう に きました。 そして、 ともだち に いました。
gakkou ni ikimasita. sosite, tomodati ni aimasita.
Somalia and Morocco are in Africa.ソマリア と モロッコ は アフリカ に あります。
somaria to morokko ha ahurika ni arimasu.
He will do the shopping, and make dinner.かれ は もの を します。 そして、 よるごはん を つくります。
kare ha kaimono wo simasu. sosite, yorugohan wo tukurimasu.
My father and I are salesmen.とうさん と わたし は セールスマン です。
otousan to watasi ha seerusuman desu.
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