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Lesson 60: Conjugating な-adjectives

In this lesson you will learn how to conjugate な-adjectives into the past tense and the negative form in Japanese. In both cases the adjective itself is left unchanged while です, the to be verb, is modified, as shown in the below tables.

Positive Negative
Present 〜です 〜じゃ ない です
Past 〜でした 〜じゃ なかった です

Look at the sentences below to see these conjugations applied in sentences.

English Japanese
The moon is beautiful, isn't it? つきはきれいですね。
tuki ha kirei desu ne.
Cars are not safe. くるまあんぜんじゃないです。
kuruma ha anzen zya nai desu.
I was good. わたしじょうでした。
watasi ha zyouzu desita.
You were not bad. あなたはじゃなかったです。
anata ha heta zya nakatta desu.
The apple was pretty, but it was not delicious. りんごはきれいでしたけれど、おいしくなかったです。
ringo ha kirei desita keredo, oisiku nakatta desu.
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