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Lesson 124: Combining も with other particles


We've learned earlier that replaces the particles , and . Other particles, such as , and , can be combined with .

Let's go to the temple as well.てら へ も きましょう。
otera he mo ikimasyou.
There's an entrance at the back as well.うしろ に も ぐち が あります。
usiro ni mo iriguti ga arimasu.

The particle can also be used multiple times with a meaning similar to both ... and ....

I like both cats and dogs.ねこ も いぬ も き です。
neko mo inu mo suki desu.
(We) rested both in the forest and in the temple.もり で も おてら で も やすみました。
mori de mo otera de mo yasumimasita.
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