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Lesson 124: Combining も with other particles

We've learned earlier that replaces the particles , and . Other particles, such as , and , can be combined with .

English Japanese
Let's go to the temple as well. てらへもきましょう。
otera he mo ikimasyou.
There's an entrance at the back as well. うしろにもぐちがあります。
usiro ni mo iriguti ga arimasu.

The particle can also be used multiple times with a meaning similar to both ... and ....

English Japanese
I like both cats and dogs. ねこいぬきです。
neko mo inu mo suki desu.
(We) rested both in the forest and in the temple. もりでもおてらでもやすみました。
mori de mo otera de mo yasumimasita.
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