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Lesson 221: Colors


In Japanese, the words for colors can be divided into two groups. All colors are nouns in their base form, but some can be turned into い-adjectives by attaching an at the end, and some can not. Below are some sentences containing color words that are い-adjectives.

The yellow cup is dirty.いろい カップ は きたない です。
kiiroi kappu ha kitanai desu.
The black steam train is slow.くろい しゃ は おそい です。
kuroi kisya ha osoi desu.
(He) has brown eyes.ちゃいろい  を して いる。
tyairoi me wo site iru.

We can place these in front of nouns just as we can with any other い-adjective.

The color words below cannot be turned into い-adjectives however. We can make them adjectival by using the particle , just as we can with other nouns.

The green ashtray is heavy.みどり の はいざら は おもい です。
midori no haizara ha omoi desu.
(I) bought a gray suit.はいいろ の スーツ を った。
haiiro no suutu wo katta.
Pink roses are beautiful.ピンク の バラ は うつくしい。
pinku no bara ha utukusii.
Sentence from Tatoeba
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