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Lesson 167: Children

In this lesson we will build on the family vocabulary we learned previously so that we can ask questions or talk about our own or someone else's children. The Japanese word for child or children is ども. However, when referring to the children of someone that is not a familial relation, the polite さん is used instead.

English Plain Japanese Polite Japanese
Child/children ども さん
Daughter むすめ むすめさん
Son むす むすさん

Below we have included some sample sentences that should be useful in situations when children are being discussed.

English Japanese
Do you have children? あなたはどもがいますか?
anata ha kodomo ga imasu ka?
How old is your child? さんはなんさいですか?
okosan ha nansai desu ka?
My children love Pokemon. わたしどもはポケモンがだいきです。
watasi no kodomo ha pokemon ga daisuki desu.
My father has two daughters. ちちむすめたりがいます。
titi ha musume hutari ga imasu.
Do our children go to the same school? わたしたちのどもおながっこうかよっていますか?
watasitati no kodomo ha onazi gakkou ni kayotte imasu ka?
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