Japanese 262 - 方: the way of doing something

かた is a suffix that can be attached to a the stem of a verb to turn it into a noun that means the way to do X or how to X.

For example, たべかた means way of eating or how to eat, and つくかた means way of making or how to make.

So to use かた, just add it to the verb stem, which the part before ます in the polite form.

Note that where other particles would usually be used with a noun, is used when making a sentence with .

And finally, here is a commonly used expression in Japanese:

It's no use. / It can't be helped.
かた が ない。shikata ga nai.

Literally: there is no way of doing.

The phrase is often used to express resignation or acceptance of a situation that is out of one's control.