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Lesson 257: いっしょに: Together with


The word っしょ means together. When it is used with the particle , it expresses the idea of doing something with someone. It can be used to invite someone to do something with you, for example:

Let's go to the restaurant together.いっしょ に レストラン  きましょう。
issyo ni resutoran ni ikimasyou.

When preceded by the particle , it shows who you are with or who you are doing something with. So for example you can say:

I'm going to Hawaii with my brother next week.らいしゅう、 あに と いっしょ に ハワイ  く。
raisyuu, ani to issyo ni hawai ni iku.

A common situation you might hear っしょ in Japan is at a restaurant. The server might ask you how you would like to pay the bill, and ask if you will be paying together or separately:

Will you be paying the bill together?かいけい は ごいっしょ です か。
okaikei ha goissyo desu ka.

Note the use of the honorific which makes the sentence more polite. You can then answer one of the following:

We'll pay together.together pleaseいっしょ に おねがいします。
issyo ni onegaisimasu.
We'll pay separately.separately pleaseべつべつ に おねがいします。
betubetu ni onegaisimasu.

In the sentences above, you can use either or without changing the meaning. We will cover this use of further in a later lesson.

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