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Lesson 258: いっしょに: Together with


The word っしょ means 'together'. When it is used with the particle に, it expresses the idea of doing something with someone. It can be used to invite someone to do something with you, for example: っしょにレストランにけませんか (Let's go to the restaurant together?).

When preceded by the particle と, it shows who you are with or who you are doing something with. So for example you can say らいしゅうあにっしょにハワイに (I'm going to Hawaii with my brother next week).

A common situation you might hear っしょ in Japan is at a restaurant. The server might ask you how you would like to pay the bill (かいけい), and ask if you will be paying together or separately:

「おかいけいはごっしょですか?」Will you be paying the bill together? (Note the formal use of ご before っしょ).

To which you could answer either: っしょにおねがいします」or「っしょでおねがいします」(We'll pay together). Here and in the below examples, you can use either に or で without changing the meaning. We will cover this use で further in a later lesson.

Or if you want to split the bill, you would instead say: べつべつにおねがいします」or「べつべつでおねがいします」(We'll pay separately).

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