Japanese 290 - 〜て ある: intentional actions with remaining effects

The gate is closed.もん は まって いる。mon ha simatte iru.
grammar indicating remaining state intentionally brought about by someone〜て ある〜te aru
The window has been opened (by someone, and is still open).まど が けて ある。mado ga akete aru.
The gate has been closed (by someone, and is still closed).もん は めて あります。mon ha simete arimasu.
The report has been written (by someone).レポート が いて ある。repooto ga kaite aru.
The meal has been prepared (by someone).はん が つくって ある。gohan ga tukutte aru.
The sentence has been written in the notebook (by someone).ぶんしょう は ノート に いて ある。bunsyou ha nooto ni kaite aru.

Alternative spelling of コンピューター

The computer is started up (by someone).コンピュータ が げて ある。konpyuuta ga tatiagete aru.