Japanese 233 - Apologizing with ごめん なさい

You've already learned the phrases すみません and しつれいします for apologizing. A third way to apologize yourself is to use the phrase ごめん なさい.

ごめん なさい can be used after a verb in the て-form to excuse yourself for an action.

Note how in the last sentence is placed after the first verb to turn it into a noun.

When asking permission to enter someone's house you can say ごめん ください. When you are allowed inside, it is polite to say じゃします.

May I come in; Please forgive me.
ごめん ください。gomen kudasai.
Please come in.
どうぞ はいって ください。douzo haitte kudasai.
Excuse me for interrupting you; Used as a greeting when entering someone's home


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