Indonesian - The lion, the witch and the wardrobe 16 - Chapter 1-o

to trycoba
Try, try!coba coba
Don't try it! /Don't even think of.../Don't you dareJangan coba coba
Try again (and...)coba coba lagi
cut it! (jargon) honestly! /only /just /merelysaja
that's ititu saja. itu saja.
just like thatbegitu saja
just threetiga saja
I'll do it. /Me! Me!Aku saja. Aku saja.
to forgetlupa
Forget it!Lupakan saja!
Let it out!Keluarkan saja!
Try it out /Try me /Bring it on/I'd like to see you try(/ watch me /Easy now... c s.)coba saja
to talk (b)bicara
just try talking... / Easy now don't talk like...coba saja bicara
as /as if /likeseperti
mother /parentibu
Don't try to talk like Mother!Coba saja bicara seperti Ibu !
'Don't try to talk like Mother!' said Edmund.'Coba saja bicara seperti Ibu!' kata Edmund.
So? (m) /chill out /What's the big...Memangnya
Can she do that?Memangnya bisa?
to be able to /canbisa
I cansaya bisa
I can'tsaya tidak bisa
I can't sleepsaya tidak bisa tidur
Who are you...Kau siapa
to tell /order /send /demand /precribemenyuruh
me /mine /my (suffix)-ku
to tell me /to send me /to order memenyuruhku
to send me to sleepmenyuruhku tidur
to be able/to have the right to send me to sleepsampai bisa menyuruhku tidur
who are you to tell me to sleep?kau siapa sampai bisa menyuruhku tidur?
Indeed, who are you to tell me to sleep!Memangnya kau siapa sampai bisa menyuruhku tidur.
on your own /yourself /alone (= himself /on his own)sendiri
Just sleep yourselfTidur saja sendiri.
Indeed, who are you to tell me to sleep? Just sleep yourself!Memangnya kau siapa sampai bisa menyuruhku tidur. Tidur saja sendiri!