Indonesian - The lion, the witch and the wardrobe 15 - Chapter 1-n

how /what aboutbagaimana
How so? / What if I did? /Well what?begitu bagaimana
'Well, what?', said Susan.'Begitu bagaimana?', kata Susan.
anyway /by the wayomong omong
you (spoken)kau
it's time /it's about timesudah waktunya
to sleeptidur
It's about time for you to sleepsudah waktunya kau tidur
by the way (o), it's about time for you to sleep.Omong omong sudah waktunya kau tidur.
'Well, what?', said Susan. 'by the way (o) it is time for you to sleep.''Begitu bagaimana?', kata Susan. 'Omong omong sudah waktunya kau tidur.'