Reading Swahili - Ndoto ya Amerika/ The Dream of America by Ken Walibora 12 - Surat ya 1- k

to be able / can / relexive: to look after / to take care of
to be taken care of by / to be looked after by
infix for stative forms of verb stems ending in 'e' or 'i' (stative verbs = being in the state of... e.g. + present tense to be breakable + perfect to already be broken) (opposed to passive verbs stative verbs don't need an actor)
to be taken care of (stative)
grass (ma class/ pl manyasi)
to be taken of by leaf > to be thatched
kuezekwa (kwa) nyasi
our has been thatched (stative)
nyumba yetu imeezekwa (kwa) nyasi
up / above / about
Our house has been thatched above.
Nyumba yetu imeezekwa nyasi juu.