Indonesian - The lion, the witch and the wardrobe 22 - Chapter 1-u

according tomenurut
according to me/in my opinionmenurutku
to hold / to organize / to conductmengadakan
investigation/quest /research /explorationpenyelidikan
to carry out an investigation / to organize an explorationmengadakan penyelidikan
Tomorrow we organize an exploration.Kita mengadakan penyelidikan besok.
Tomorrow we have to organize an exploration.Kita harus mengadakan penyelidikan besok.
In my opinion we have to organize an exploration tomorrow .Menurutku, kita harus mengadakan penyelidikan besok.
to find /to discover /to come acrossmenemukan
He met themdia menemui mereka
anythingapa pun
we can find anythingkita bisa menemukan apa pun
in a place like thisdi tempat seperti ini
You can find anything in a place like this.Kau bisa menemukan apa pun di tempat seperti ini.
You (pl)kalian
You (pl) see the mountains.Kalian lihat gunung-gunung.
travel /trip /journeyperjalanan
on the way / on the journeydalam perjalanan
on the way heredalam perjalanan ke sini
Did you see the mountains on the way here?Kalian lihat gunung-gunung dalam perjalanan ke sini?