Turkish 46 - Vowel elimination on suffixation

Turkish has a significant amount of words ending in a consonant that drop their last vowel when they are followed by a vowel. There is no rule for which words possess this feature, so you will have to memorize the words that do. Note however, that many of these words are referring to body parts.

Below you can see some examples of these words used in sentences.

My shoulder is hurting.Omzum ağrıyor.
His breast is naked.Göğsü çıplak.
My stomach is rumbling.Karnım gurulduyor.
Your nose is big.Burnun büyük.
My mouth is full.Ağzım dolu.
Your forehead is sweating.Alnın terliyor.
Please massage my neck.Lütfen boynuma masaj yap.