Turkish 71 - Traffic and directions

Now let's learn how to tell directions in Turkish traffic.

Most of the sentences will probably be intuitive for you, except for the uses of the ablative case suffix.

Continue through this road.Bu yoldan devam et.
Go straight at the traffic lights.Trafik ışıklarından düz gidin.
We are crossing the road.Yoldan karşıya geçiyoruz.

First of all, through or via is translated in Turkish using the ablative case suffix.

Secondly, you would think Go straight at the traffic lights would be translated by Trafik ışıklarında düz gidin, but even though we use the word at in English here, in Turkish you focus on the movement from or through the traffic lights and translate the sentence with Trafik ışıklarından düz gidin.

Finally, the verb karşıya geçmek, which means to cross, takes an object with an ablative. Whether a verb takes a dative, accusative or ablative is something you just have to learn and remember in Turkish.