Turkish 28 - There is and there are

The Turkish word var means there is or there are. The Turkish word yok means there is not or there are not.

There is coffee.Kahve var.
There is no tea.Çay yok.
There is a cat in the tree.Ağaçta (bir) kedi var.
There are dogs in the garden.Bahçede köpekler var.
There is no cat.(Bir) kedi yok.
There are no cats.Kedi(ler) yok.

To make questions, we just place the question particle after var or yok.

Is there no coffee?Kahve yok mu?
Is there a cat in the tree?Ağaçta (bir) kedi var mı?

If a question contains the word var or yok, you can often respond by simply saying var or yok.

Is there coffee?
- There is.
Kahve var mı?
- Var.
Is there tea?
- There is not.
Çay var mı?
- Yok.
Is there no coffee?
- There is.
Kahve yok mu?
- Var.