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Lesson 104: The positive irregular aorist

In the previous lesson, you have seen how regular verbs are conjugated in aorist. Now in this lesson, you will learn about the infamous 13 irregular verbs. There are 13 verbs in Turkish that are monosyllabic, but are conjugated as if they are polysyllabic, taking -(İ)r as tense suffix.

English Turkish
to take; to get almak
to know bilmek
to find bulmak
to stop durmak
to come gelmek
to see görmek
to stay kalmak
to be, to become, to happen olmak
to die ölmek
to think sanmak
to arrive varmak
to give vermek
to hit vurmak

Notice how the verbs are basic and frequently used, so you should know these exceptions well.

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