Turkish 105 - The negative aorist

Now that you've completed the positive aorist, it is the negative's turn. The present continuous, past and future all have regular negatives, but the aorist doesn't. The negative form of aorist is also constructed by adding -mE, but the aorist suffix -r turns into -z. On top of this, the negative aorist suffix -z vanishes in the first person when using the negative.

The good news is there are no irregular verbs in the negative that you need to memorize.

Negative AoristSingularPlural
First person-mEm-mEyİz
Second person-mEzsİn-mEzsİnİz
Third person-mEz-mEzlEr
I don't watch movies.Film izlemem.
Won't you spend the night in my place?Gece bende kalmaz mısın?
She does not like such things.O böyle şeyleri sevmez.
We won't betray you.Biz size ihanet etmeyiz.
You won't die near the police.Polisin yanında ölmezsiniz.
They don't cook at home.Onlar evde yemek yapmaz(lar).