Turkish 66 - The instrumentative

The instrumentative suffix -(y)lE can be placed after nouns and means with or by means of in Turkish.

The y in front of le or la is only present if the last letter before the suffix is a vowel.

I am coming by bicycle.Bisikletle geliyorum.
Didn't you come by bus?Otobüsle gelmedin mi?
He came on horseback.Atıyla geldi.
I am going by metro.Metroyla gidiyorum.
I had breakfast with my family.Ailemle kahvaltı yaptım.
I played chess with Mustafa.Mustafa'yla satranç oynadım.

After personal pronouns, we use the instrumentative suffix in combination with the genetive suffix, except for the third person plural onlar.

Are you coming with me?Benimle geliyor musun?
I want to come with you.Sizinle gelmek istiyorum.
With whom are you going to the cinema?Kiminle sinemaya gidiyorsun?
Didn't you go with them?Onlarla gitmedin mi?