63. The days of the week

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Lesson 63: The days of the week

Note that the days of the week are normally not written with capital letters in Turkish.

Sunday pazar
Monday pazartesi
Tuesday salı
Wednesday çarşamba
Thursday perşembe
Friday cuma
Saturday cumartesi

The words pazartesi and cumartesi are created from the words pazar and cuma combined with the word ertesi, which means (the) following.

On saturday, on Sunday et cetera are often translated as cumartesi günü, pazar günü and so on. However, you can also omit the word günü and just stay cumartesi or pazar.

On Wednesday I am working. Çarşamba (günü) çalışıyorum.

Be careful not to translate on Wednesday with Çarşambada. Çarşambada is incorrect.

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