Turkish 21 - The ablative case suffix

The ablative case suffix -DEn is added to the end of a noun to indicate movement away from the noun. It is also used to indicate the object of several verbs. The ablative case suffix obeys suffix consonant harmony, just as the locative case suffix does.

I am coming home from school.Okuldan eve geliyorum.
I am going out of the house.Evden çıkıyorum.
Everyone wants help from Selma.Herkes Selma'dan yardım istiyor.
I am afraid of cats.Kedilerden korkuyorum.

We can also write -DEn önce and -DEn sonra after a noun, to indicate before and after.

I usually have breakfast before work.Genellikle işten önce kahvaltı yapıyorum.
We sometimes go to the cinema after work.Bazen işten sonra sinemaya gidiyoruz.