Turkish 18 - Questions in the present continuous

We can ask questions in the present continuous by using the question particle , which is conjugated based on the person performing the action.

First personİyor muyum?İyor muyuz?
Second personİyor musun?İyor musunuz?
Third personİyor mu?İyor(lar) mı?

Note that in the third person plural, the plural suffix comes after yor and not after the question particle.

Are you going?(Sen) gidiyor musun?
Is she selling the house?(O) evi satıyor mu?
Are they walking?(Onlar) yürüyor(lar) mı?

Negative questions can be constructed in the same way from the negative version of the verb.

Aren't you going?(Sen) gitmiyor musun?
Isn't she selling the house?(O) evi satmıyor mu?
Aren't they walking?(Onlar) yürümüyor(lar) mı?

Even though both Onlar and lar are in parentheses, you cannot skip them both.