Turkish 25 - Question words

Now let's learn the basic question words in Turkish, so that we can make a wider variety of sentences.

What are you doing?Ne yapıyorsun?
How is the breakfast?Kahvaltı nasıl?
Who is she?O kim?
Which bread do you want?Hangi ekmeği istiyorsun?
When are they coming?Ne zaman geliyorlar?
How many do you want?Kaç tane istiyorsunuz?
How much water do you want?Ne kadar su istiyorsun?

Note that when a question word is present in the sentence, the question particle is absent. The sentences Ne yapıyor musun? and O kim mi? are grammatically wrong.

How many can both be translated by kaç and by kaç tane. The word tane doesn't add any meaning, but many Turkish speakers add it after numbers and after the word kaç.

Finally, note that if you use a direct object after the word hangi, that object is definitive and receives the accusative case suffix.