Turkish 100 - Pronominalized determiners

Pronominalized determiners are formed by adding possessive suffixes to the indefinite determiners in the last lesson. With this suffix, we can use indefinite determiners stand-alone — without having to put a noun behind them — even though they still refer to things that are not specified. We use the possessive suffix to create pronominalized determiners, but there is not necessarily a possessive relationship when we use the third person singular suffix.

We cannot use first or second person singular suffixes to construct pronominalized determiners.

Pronominalized DeterminersEnglish SingularTurkish SingularEnglish PluralTurkish Plural
First person--some of usbazı(lar)ımız
Second person--some of youbazı(lar)ınIz
Third personsomebazısome of thembazıları

Of these determiners, birkaç, çok, hiçbir, kaç and ne kadar cannot be used with third person plural.