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Lesson 10: Personal pronouns

Below you see the personal pronouns of the English language and their translations into Turkish.

The personal pronouns are divided into three types of person. The first person includes yourself, the second person includes the person you are addressing. And the third person refers neither to yourself, nor to the person you are addressing.

The personal pronouns can also be divided between singular and plural, where a singular pronoun refers to a single person, thing or idea, whereas a plural pronoun refers to a group of multiple persons, things or ideas.

Singular Plural
First person I we
Second person you you / you all
Third person he / she / it they

As you can see in the table below, in Turkish there are two ways to address the second person singular. Sen is a more informal form you use for addressing children, family and friends, while siz is a more polite form, which you use for addressing older people, teachers, your employer, and people you don't know. Siz is also used for addressing multiple people.

In Turkish, there is no way to differentiate between he, she and it. The word o is used in all these cases.

Singular Plural
First person ben biz
Second person sen / siz siz
Third person o onlar
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