79. Making comparisons

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Lesson 79: Making comparisons

In this lesson you will learn how to make comparisons in Turkish. You make comparisons with the construction -DEn daha.

You are more beautiful. Sen daha güzelsin.
You are more beautiful than I. Sen benden (daha) güzelsin.
He is shorter than her. O ondan (daha) kısa.
I am older than him. Ben ondan (daha) büyüğüm.
Amsterdam is less crowded than Istanbul. Amsterdam İstanbul'dan (daha) az kalabalık.

Note that if you use the ablative case suffix -DEn, the word daha is optional, but without the word daha the difference is seen as smaller. Also note that you can use the word büyük to mean old as well as big.

The superlative is formed using the word en.

This is the most silly cat. Bu en aptal kedi.
This is the world's biggest city. Bu dünyanın en büyük şehri.
Eat the least fresh fruit first. En az taze meyve önce yiyin.

You can also use the superlative without naming the noun, by placing the suffix -(y)İ behind the adjective.

He is the shortest one. O en kısa.
I want the biggest one. En büyüğünü istiyorum.

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