Turkish 31 - Locative location pronouns

Look at the table below to understand the meaning of the locative location pronouns.

The old man is sleeping here.Yaşlı adam burada uyuyor.
The grocery store is there.Bakkal şurada.
There is a market over there.Orada (bir) pazar var.
Where is the supermarket?Süpermarket nerede?

The word şurada is used for locations closer by than orada.

As you can see, the locative location pronouns are built from three parts:

  1. They start with a demonstrative prounoun - bu, şu or o - or with the question word ne
  2. Then comes the particle rE meaning place
  3. And finally the locative suffix DE is attached to the end

So burada literally means at this place and nerede literally means at what place.

In the next lessons, you will learn that you can also attach different suffixes in step three, creating words like buradan and nereye, of which you can probably already predict the meaning.