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Lesson 130: Hakkında and its variations

The word hakkında means about, on (a subject). We use this word after the actual subject since Turkish has postpositions:

Seks hakkında About sex
Öğrenciler hakkında About the students
Kamil hakkında About Kamil

When hakkında is used with personal pronouns, it is conjugated accordingly with the pronoun. Let's see:

hakkında Single Plural
First person benim hakkımda bizim hakkımızda
Second person senin hakkında sizin hakkınızda
Third person onun hakkında onların/onlar1 hakkında

1One exception is the third person plural pronoun. In many cases, including 'hakkında', native speakers just drop the genitive marker, as if it's a proper noun. You will see other examples of this in following lessons.

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