Turkish 35 - Genitive personal pronouns

Below you see the personal pronouns with the genitive case suffix:

my, minebenim
your, yourssenin
his, her, hers, itsonun
our, oursbizim
your, yourssizin
their, theirsonların

As we know from the last lesson, the genitive case denotes possession and is written as (n)İn. There are two exceptions however, since for the first person singular and plural, the suffix is İm. Note again that in this suffix the buffer letter is n instead of y.

You are mine.Sen benimsin.
The pen is yours.Kalem senin.
The children are hers.Çocuklar onun.
The small house is ours.Küçük ev bizim.
The power is yours.Güç sizin.
The horses are theirs.Atlar onların.