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Lesson : Final consonant harmony and proper names

If a proper noun's last consonant would be harmonized when followed by a vowel, you pronounce it so. However in writing you don't write it like you say it. For example:

I love Burak. Burak'ı seviyorum.
We listen to Zeynep. (Biz) Zeynep'i dinliyoruz.

In these two examples, you would pronounce the suffixed nouns as Burağı and Zeynebi, respectively, but write them differently. Now look at these sentences:

I love Meriç. Meriç'i seviyorum.
We listen to Serhat. (Biz) Serhat'ı dinliyoruz.

In these examples, we have exceptional proper nouns. Just like the others, when you add a suffix to them you separate them with an apostrophe. However, when pronouncing these names, their last consonant is not harmonized (i.e voiced). You pronounce them as you write them: Meriçi ve Serhatı.

You will slowly learn which names are exceptional and which follow the rule with time, as you encounter them. No need to worry yourself about them.

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