Turkish 110 - Exclamations!

There are a lot of exclamations in Turkish to express sadness, fear, happiness, excitement, surprise, shock etc. In this lesson, you will learn some of them. Aside from phrases for requesting help, most of them are informal so it is safer to use them only among friends.

When you are surprised, when something unexpected happens.INFORMALOha!
When you are surprised, when something unexpected happens.MORE FORMALHayret!
When you want something done, when you want to hurry, get moving.Haydi!
When you don't believe what has been just said, when you would like to say 'Really???' Haydi canım?? Yok artık??
When you require help, when there's an emergency.İmdat!, Yardım edin!
When somethings is overwhelming, something is too much, when something is unbearable.INFORMALÇüş!, Yuh!
When you want to show gratitude, when you want to say something like 'Thank god'Şükür!, Şükürler olsun!
When something bad happens, for example when you see a box that is about to fall on someone's headEyvah!, Aman!, Dikkat!
When you want to say 'Oh my god! (for whatever reasons)Aman Tanrım!, Aman Allah'ım!
When you want to curse because something bad happenedAllah kahretsin!