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Lesson 40: Dative and ablative personal pronouns

Below you see the personal pronouns with all case suffixes:

Nominative Genitive Dative Accusative Ablative Locative
ben benim bana beni benden bende
sen senin sana seni senden sende
o onun ona onu ondan onda
biz bizim bize bizi bizden bizde
siz sizin size sizi sizden sizde
onlar onların onlara onları onlardan onlarda

The ablative case suffix after personal pronouns is exactly what you would expect by now, including the buffer letter n in the third persons. For the dative case suffix we see two irregularities, bana and sana. Remember these, and then you've got all case suffixes after personal pronouns covered. Congratulations!

Below are some example sentences with the dative and the ablative case suffixes.

I hate you. Senden nefret ediyorum.
I am sending the letter to them now. Mektubu şimdi onlara gönderiyorum.
I am coming to you immediately. Hemen sana geliyorum.
Please give me the pen. Kalemi bana verin lütfen.
I am afraid of him. Ondan korkuyorum.
He is looking after her well. Ona iyi bakıyor.
Take the milk from her. Sütü ondan al.

As you see, there are also some verbs that expect their object to have an ablative suffix, such as korkmak and nefret etmek. You will need to memorize which verb expects which suffixes after its objects, because there are no regular rules for this.

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