Turkish 32 - Dative and ablative location pronouns

Besides locative location pronouns, there are also dative location pronouns and ablative location pronouns. Study the table below to understand their meanings:

I am going from here to there.Buradan oraya gidiyorum.
From there to here is very far.Oradan buraya çok uzak.
She lives close to there.Şuraya yakın oturuyor.
Where are you going?Nereye gidiyorsun.
From where is it coming?Nereden geliyor?

These location pronouns are built in the same way as the locative location pronoun:

  1. They start with a demonstrative pronoun - bu, şu or o - or with the question word ne
  2. Then comes the particle rE meaning place
  3. Add the dative suffix (y)E to form a dative location pronoun
    Add the ablative suffix DEn to form an ablative location pronoun