Turkish 56 - Counting to 10

In this lesson you will learn how to count up to 10 in Turkish, including halfs and quarters.

Half used after another numeral translates to buçuk, whereas half used without another numeral translates to yarım.

I want half a (loaf of) bread.Yarım ekmek istiyorum.
I want one and a half (loaves of) bread.Bir buçuk ekmek istiyorum.
I want two and a half (loaves of) bread.İki buçuk ekmek istiyorum.

Once we will have learned to count to ten, we will also be able to learn to tell our age, if we are younger than eleven at least. In Turkish, telling your age goes in a particularly peculiar way.

How old are you?Kaç yaşındasın?
I am eight years old.Sekiz yaşındayım.

So that second sentences literally means something like I am in the age of eight. I guess we should just remember how to say it, and not try to literally translate it.