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Lesson 48: Compound nouns

We can use two nouns to construct a new noun by attaching the possession suffix (s)İ to the second noun:

handbag el çanta
backpack sırt çanta
cellphone cep telefonu
apple trees elma ağaçları
ankle ayak bileği
wrist el bileği
toe ayak parmağı

If we use possession suffixes in combination with compound nouns, the suffix of the compound noun disappears:

my handbag el çantam
your backpack sırt çantan
my father's cellphone babamın cep telefonu
our apple trees elma ağaçlarımız
Whose ankle? Kimin ayak bileği?

In the word babamın the possession suffix m, denoting that it is my father, is followed by the genitive suffix ın indicating that he in turn possesses the phone.

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