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Lesson : Colloquial imperative: -sAnA

gramer kitabında bunla ilgili bir bit var işte conditional suffix combined with person and harmonizer falan gibi onu oku

In Turkish you can conjugate verbs with the imperative suffix with second and third person. A quick reminder:

Imperative Singular Plural
First person - -
Second person git gidin
Third person gitsin gitsinler

There's a more informal, colloquially frequently used version of the imperative suffix and that is: -sAnA. This version can only be used with the second person singular and plural. Like:

Gitsene. Go.
Gitsenize. Go.

As you can see English has no corresponding versions of this form. It is difficult to tell the exact meaning it conveys, because it changes a LOT depending on the context. sometimes it means rude blabla sometimes request with familiar people blabla don't worry blabla you'll ge tht hang of it blalba