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Lesson 59: A bit much and more and less

In this lesson you will learn some other words that have to do with quantity. Let's look at some of them.

little, few az
a little, a few biraz

Even though biraz and az mean almost the same, biraz sounds more positive than az. Az often indicates that we don't have enough of something.

much, many fazla
much, many çok

Çok and fazla also mean almost the same, but here fazla often indicates that there is an excessive amount of something.

We can use daha fazla to say more and daha az to say less.

Buy more from the grocery. Bakkaldan daha fazla al.
Put less sugar in my tea please. Çayıma daha az şeker koyun lütfen.

Çok in front of an adjective can mean very, but it can also mean too.

You are speaking too fast. Çok hızlı konuşuyorsunuz.
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