Korean 2 - Reading 2: ㄷ, ㄹ, ㅐ, ㅁ, ㅓ, ㅔ

ㄷ = D (at word beginning and end: t)

syllable box 10

바다 = pa-da = the sea

syllable box 11

이다 = i-da = to be

ㄹ = r (at the end of a word l )

syllable block 12

다리 = ta-ri = leg (here our d is at the word beginning and turns into a t )

syllable block 13

나라 = na-ra = land / country

syllable block 14

다니다 = ta-ni-da = to attend (e.g. school / work)

syllable block 15

아니다 = a-ni-da = not to be

ㅐ = ae ( sounds a bit like the 'ea'in yeah)

syllable block 16

배 = pae = boat / stomach / pear (3 words in 1 go - not bad :D)

I am giving you a whole bunch of useless random words - I admit - and you haven't even properly learned how to say hello. I am giving you, what you can read. Please stick with me through a couple of more lessons and you soon will find yourselves reading Korean at ease.

anyeong hasseyo means hello btw. and the answer is the same.

syllable block 17

아내 = a-nae = wife

syllable block 18

내리다 = nae-ri-da = to get off (a train/ bus)

ㅁ= m

syllable block 19

매다 = mae-da = to bind a tie (so far the worst word I taught you:D)

syllable block 20

다리미 = ta-ri-mi = iron (for pressing clothes)

One more vowel:

ㅓ= aw

syllable block 21

머리 = maw-ri = head

One last vowel and then we'll call it a day.

ㅔ = e/ay ( like the last letter in pianoforte)

syllable block 22

어디에 = aw-di-ay = where (to) (direction)

You have come a long way. Let's end this lesson with a chart showing all the characters you have learned.

- a - b (beginning or end of a word: p)
- i (ee as in see) - d (beginning or end of a word: t)
- aw - m
- ay (e as in pianoforte) - n
- ae ( as 'ea' in yeah) - r (if last letter of a word: l)