Korean 14 - animals , in front, behind and next to

The cat is inside the house.고양이는 집 안에 있어요.goyangineun jip ane isseoyo.
in front of앞에ape
The dog is in front of the house.개는 집 앞에 있어요.gaeneun jip ape isseoyo.
There is also a horse.말도 있어요.maldo isseoyo.
도 do. after a noun = also the noun

개도 = also the dog

2x or more 도 = Noun 1 as well as Noun 2 and noun 3...

고양이도 개도 말도 = the cat as well as the dog and the horse

The horse is behind the house.말은 집 뒤에 있어요.mareun jip dwie isseoyo.
next to옆에yeope
The cow is next to the horse.소는 말 옆에 있어요.soneun mal yeope isseoyo.
The pig is also next to the horse.돼지도 말 옆에 있어요.dwaejido mal yeope isseoyo.
inside a mass/soup/mixture or inside something abstract like a dream : 속레 - soge
inside the house집 안에jip ane
inside the mud진흙 소게jinheulg soge
The pig is inside the mud.돼지가 진흙 속에 있어요.dwaejiga jinheulg soge isseoyo.
The pig is also next to the horse, but it is inside the mud.돼지도 말 옆에 있어요 하지만 진흙 속에 있어요.dwaejido mal yeope isseoyo hajiman jinheulg soge isseoyo.
There certainly is a more elegant way to describe the situation, but I am trying to keep it simple for now.
The cat is inside a basket.고양이는 바구니 안에 있어요.goyangineun baguni ane isseoyo.
to sleep자다jada
The cat sleeps.고양이가 자여.goyangiga jayeo.
a dreamkkum
The cat has a dream.고양이는 꿈이 있어요.goyangineun kkumi isseoyo.
to dream of꿈꾸다kkumkkuda
The cat dreams of a mouse거양이가 쥐를 꿈꿔요.geoyangiga jwireul kkumkkwoyo.
꿈꾸어요 kkumkku-eo-yo is also a possible form but 꿈꿔요 kkumku-weo-yo seems so much more palatable...
The mouse is in the dream.쥐가 꿈 속에 있어요.jwiga kkum soge isseoyo.
to play놀다nolda
The pig plays.돼지는 놀아요.dwaejineun norayo.
irregular verb
The dog can't play.개는 못 놀아요.gaeneun mos norayo.
to guard지킨다jikinda
The dog guards the house.개가 집을 지킨어요.gaega jibeul jikineoyo.
There are also chickens in front of the house.집 앞에도 닭이 있어요.jip apedo dalgi isseoyo.
The chickens eat worms.닭은 벌레를 먹어요.dalgeun beollereul meogeoyo.
There is a bird in the tree.나무에 새가 있어요.namue saega isseoyo.
The bird is singing.새가 노래해요.saega noraehaeyo.
grass, herbs, small green plantspul
The cow eats grass.소는 풀을 먹어요.soneun pureul meogeoyo.
There is a butterfly on the flower.꽃 위에 나비가 있어요.kkot wie nabiga isseoyo.
Suddenly there comes a fox.갑자기 여우가 와요.gapjagi yeouga wayo.
The fox wants to eat a chicken.여우는 닭을 먹고 싶어요.yeouneun dalgeul meokgo sipeoyo.
uproar /fuss/ disaster/chaos난리nanri
Note that the combination of n-r/l is pronounced as 'll'
All hell breaks lose / there is a big fuss / everyone goes crazy난리가 나요.nanriga nayo.
to panic당황하다danghwanghada
plural markerdeul
the chickens닭들dalgdeul
The chickens panic.닭들이 당황해요.dalgdeuri danghwanghaeyo.
to bark짖다jitda
The dog barks.개는 짖어요.gaeneun jijeoyo.
the farmer농부nongbu
the farm농장nongjang
a stick막대makdae
to hold들다deulda
The farmer holds a stick in his hand.농부가 손에 막대를 들어요.nongbuga sone makdaereul deureoyo.
he holds and...들고deulgo
-고 (and) links two verbs or entire sentences together
The farmer comes with a stick in his hand.농부가 손에 막대를 들고 와요.nongbuga sone makdaereul deulgo wayo.
lit. The farmer holds a stick in his hand and comes.
to escape탈출하다talchulhada
The fox escapes.여우가 탈출해요.yeouga talchulhaeyo.
The fox holds a chicken in his mouth.여우가 닭을 입에 들어요.yeouga dalgeul ibe deureoyo.
The fox escapes with a chicken in his mouth.여우가 닭을 입에 들고 탈출어요.yeouga dalgeul ibe deulgo talchureoyo.
lit. The fox holds a chicken in his mouth and escapes.