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Lesson 203: Telling it's too much with すぎる

In the last lesson we've learned the following sentence:

Please don't drink a lot of alcohol. さけをたくさんまないでください。
osake wo takusan nomanaide kudasai.

It would sound more natural if we'd use the words too much instead of a lot here. We can do this in Japanese by adding the verb ぎる to the stem of the verb.

Please don't drink too much alcohol. アルコールをぎないでください。
arukooru wo nomisuginaide kudasai.

Note also how we used the loanword アルコオル here instead of お酒, which is less ambiguous than お酒, as お酒 is also used to refer to rice wine in particular.

You can also use ぎる in combination with い-adjectives and な-adjectives, by simply replacing the -い or -な ending with the verb ぎる.

According to the doctor, (I)'m too fat. しゃによるとふとすぎます。
isya ni yoru to hutosugimasu.
The test was too easy. テストはかんたんすぎた。
tesuto ha kantansugita.
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