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Lesson 100: Let's and Shall We with the verb stem + ましょう

By placing ましょう onto the end of the verb stem, it means Let's + the verb. The verb stem is obtained by removing the -masu ending from the long form. Alternatively, this pattern is also often used as a polite way to suggest doing some activity. It is the equivalent of Shall we + the verb? in English. See the table below for some example sentences using this pattern.

English Japanese
Let's play videogames. テレビゲームをしましょう。
terebigeemu wo simasyou.
Shall we eat sushi? 寿べましょうか?
susi wo tabemasyou ka?
Let's drink tea at the restaurant. レストランでおちゃみましょう。
resutoran de otya wo nomimasyou.
Shall we go? きましょうか?
ikimasyou ka?
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