German 3 - Items

the coffee
der Kaffee
So you see that our coffee is masculine. There are very few, close to no rules about which is what gender, just try to learn them with memos like German coffee is for tough guys
the pizza
die Pizza
no discussion about feminism here...but our Pizza is feminine. Btw. you might have noticed by now, that we start all our nouns with a capital letter.
the car
das Auto
so no jokes about women at the wheel here or men driving like machos... our car is neutral
the house
das Haus
another neutral word.
    Now you know 3:
  • das Kind
  • das Auto
  • das Haus
the company (workplace)
die Firma
die Frau
die Pizza
die Firma
the computer
der Komputer
Finally we enter the realm of men. They couldn't get the car but we'll give them the pc. They should be over the moon.
    Did I forget to mention:
    Der Mond (the moon) :D


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