German 17 - Essen (food)

the meatdas Fleisch
the soupdie Suppe
the noodledie Nudel
(the) noodles(die) Nudeln
Let me mention that for plural food you mostly do not need the article.

Ich esse Nudeln.

(I eat noodles.)

Ich esse die Nudeln.

(occurs in sentences about specific noodles: I eat the noodles, we've been talking about earlier; I eat the noodles which are standing on the table; I eat the noodles and you eat the rice....)

the riceder Reis
the potatodie Kartoffel
the tomatodie Tomate
the oniondie Zwiebel
the milkdie Milch
the teader Tee
the herbsdie Kräuter
the juiceder Saft
the appleder Apfel
the orangedie Orange
the orangedie Apfelsine