German 17 - Essen (food)

the meat
das Fleisch
the soup
die Suppe
the noodle
die Nudel
(the) noodles
(die) Nudeln
Let me mention that for plural food you mostly do not need the article.

Ich esse Nudeln.

(I eat noodles.)

Ich esse die Nudeln.

(occurs in sentences about specific noodles: I eat the noodles, we've been talking about earlier; I eat the noodles which are standing on the table; I eat the noodles and you eat the rice....)

the rice
der Reis
the potato
die Kartoffel
the tomato
die Tomate
the onion
die Zwiebel
the milk
die Milch
the tea
der Tee
the herbs
die Kräuter
the juice
der Saft
the apple
der Apfel
the orange
die Orange
the orange
die Apfelsine