German 18 - Combo Game Level 1

Let's have some fun!

German words can be combined to form a new meaning:

der Käse + das Brot = das Käsebrot

the cheese + the sandwich = the cheese sandwich

That sounds pretty easy and so it is. It gives you already hundreds of options to combine the vocabulary that you know by now. However there is a nag.

Sometimes you have to insert one, two or even three letters inbetween the words you combine. Those letters can be: e, n, en, s, er, ens

What is worse: There are no rules for it. Well, of course there are rules. Knowing Germans... We are the masters of creating rules and regulations XD

However in this particular case the rules are abundant and to each single one of them there are exceptions... so finally you will have to do the entire thing by intuition. I propose to you a game, getting you through several levels, hinting at rules and preparing you to feel like a native speaker...

Are you ready for it? Right now we start on Level 1 - Nothing to insert Just paste the words together. As for the article: The article of the second word counts for the block.

e.g. der Käse + das Brot

= das Käsebrot

Let's go!